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We provide your business with excellent integration solutions for long-term development goals and more competitiveness in Hefei. We help your company a reputable brand image that enhances it's overall competitiveness , creating a solid customer base within the Hefei Expat Community.
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Our Platforms
Brand Marketing
Build a corporate image and product brand to form a personalized segmentation in the minds of consumers, thus establishing a solid presence in the Hefei Expat market.
Foreign Employees
A Professional and experienced team is ready 24/7 to put a smile on the faces of your foreign employees. We also provide your company with a resource to search for competent and qualified foreign staffs.
Event & Media
Our Professional team with high-end media skills is dedicated to give your Event a perspective that creates value for customers from advertisement to publicity.
News & Information
We created an influential WeChat Mini-APP to make our information more commercially valuable, good-looking + stimulate consumer desire to use
Expat Initiated and Oriented
Hefei Connect was initiated by a group of highly experienced Hefei based Expats and follows an orientation that satisfies the need of its intended Expat community
Team of Experienced Expats
The company is ran by a team of highly qualified Experts both local and foreign, dedicated to giving your enterprise the most valuable creativity in brand promotion.
Professionalism in Action
We provide a vivid reality for our consumers to experience an accurate impression of their brand image
A Unique Concept
We focus on brand identity recognition, the core concept of brand management and the basis of knowing a company's direction
Corporate Culture
Dedicated Expat Team
Over 10 years of experience in Expat socialization and brand publicity ! We understand the business models and needs of large, small and medium-sized enterprises. We advocate for customers to perceive the experience value of products , not just the functions.
About Us
Hefei Connect

Ever since its inception, Hefei Connect has been highly welcomed by the Expat community in Hefei and has grown to become the key English platform in the city. The network has also attracted the interest of English speaking locals as well as overseas returnees. Our mIssion is to enable an international city by bridging the gap between Expat expectations and reality, thereby attracting a better foreign community in Hefei.

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